At the 25th October 2018 "Tina von der Traubeneiche" was serviced by "Ari vom Diedenhainer Berg".  We expect beautifully pigmented puppies with good temperament and ready for work.

Thoughts on the selection of breeding partners:


1. Tina: She is a daughter of "Inka von der Traubeneiche" (Inkas's parents are "Ellute von der Mohnwiese" and "Foxi von der Traubeneiche"). Her father is "Unik von der Lobdeburg" (Tyrolean winner 2013 in IPO 2, federal runner-up 2014, replacement WUSV WM 2014, universal winner WM winner in performance,  WUSV WM (note: very good) )

Tina is a dog with open-minded nature, easy to handle and yet energetic, tremendous speed in the movement with super dark grey color.


2. Ari: from the approval report: tall, powerful and substantial, normal structural strength, very strong, masculine head, normal pronounced withers, normal chest proportions, straight front, slightly steep shoulder blade, good rear angulations with straight step sequence. Confident personality, TSB pronounced.

 Preferences: a reliable male with strong bones. He participate successfully in the LGA and in the Landes-FCI. He has steady nerves and great defense and protection area. Aris father "Balko von der Teufelskehle" was, inter alia, at the Bundessiegerprüfung.

Fascinating for me: the whole littler Balko and his siblings are X-rayed and all of them are HD-normal and ED-normal. As a breeder you have to reach that first - my respect.


Here are some pictures of the two. To the pictures of the puppies click here.