Matti von der Traubeneiche

(born 18.12.2010)

  • Level of training: BH, IPO3, AD
  • Show review: very good
  • Evaluate for lifetime,
  • national group competition (german: LGA): 2. place (the best protection service of the event)
  • National-winner-examination (german BSP) 2015 in Meppen
  • LG-FCI
  • national group competion: 2. place in Oberhausen
  • Hip Dysplasia: normal
    elbow dysplasia: normal

Father: Gonso vom Wieratal
Mother: Inka von der Traubeneiche

Odyn von der Traubeneiche

(born 01.06.2012)

Odyn is with me since the tragic death of his owner. Only to mediate or I look for a good place for him. I have taken him in 2014. In the following time his nature, his charisma and willpower has impressed me so much that he is still with me today - A dog, as I wish him. Unfortunately, Odyn and I have some communication difficulties, so I'll probably not get far as well as I have imagined.


  • Level of training: BH,IPO1,IPO2
  • Show review: very good
  • Evaluate for 2018-19


Father: Lux vom Wieratal ( IPO3, LGA (national group competition), BSP (National-winner-examination), Bundes-FCI etc.)


Mother: Gipsy von der Traubeneiche (IPO 3, LGA, BSP, DJJM (youth and junior championship)- Place 2 )

Shadow von der Traubeneiche

(born 11.09.2015)

  • Hip Dysplasia: normal
    Elbow dysplasia: normal
  • Level of training: AD, BH, IPO1, IPO 2, IGP 3
  • Show review: very good
  • Licensed for life

Father: Matti von der Traubeneiche

 Mother: Jakira von der Traubeneiche